About me

Pydata/pandas core developer, maths graduate, and kayak coach.

Eager to learn new things.

I love walking, climbing and generally being outdoors. I'm a BCU Level 3 kayak coach, with 5* white water leader. I've travelled across Europe kayaking grade 4/5 whitewater (the French and Austrian Alps, the Pyrenees and Norway).

I tweet about coding and data hacking related things.


I stumbled across this powerful python data analysis library, which did both the data-munging and a lot of number crunching. The next day, I began porting as much of my code as possible and have never looked back. I am part of the pydata team, contribute code to the project and answer pandas questions on Stack Overflow.


I worked in the art sector. Part of the role was to manage an (incredibly broken) Filemaker database. In the evenings I studied programming online (for example Udacity's "programming a robotic car"), and, using these ideas, I wrote python programs to do our analysis for us.


I studied Pure Mathematics, first at Warwick University, then at Durham University. I love finding solutions, and elegant solutions, whatever the problem.

I was a University tutor at both Warwick and Durham, teaching (among other things) linear algebra, real and complex analysis and group theory.